Where to Go


Why can't you be there when I look for you

Empty space and darkened keys

Long the hours of sun when I'm away

But the night's the same beneath

For the years have gone like morning dew

And the heat is bearing down

And your touch is more than I ever had

But it never makes a sound

If you know, let me know

And I'll tell you where to go


You're starting to hurt

Because you're starting to die

And I hear a thunderstorm

Your message washed upon my shore

Heat burst moon where rainclouds form

The desert ground, the second storm

Shining light hits my eyes and darkness sweeps

Flowers of mind and soul are bent

Illusions flow like streams mirror shadows seen

The world is flat the moon is sent

Whispers to her of my past

Through life's lullabies they haunt

I can have anyone

But the one that I want

I gave the moon, the stars, and sky

But I guess that you forgot