Unmasked Dreams


Have you ever felt the lies are true?

Water is a drug controlling you

All your hopes, trapped down below

Useless games, control your soul


Fallen man, no one around

Strangers walk, stray no sound

World so cold, winter so long

Where ever did this place go wrong?



Peacefully lying between dreams (between dreams)

This place is warm not nearly what it seems

Peacefully lying between dreams (between dreams)

Can’t make sense of anything you’ve seen


Carry me to the stars

I’ll hold tight to your skin


Through the ocean we’ll find our way home

Beyond the shore to our throne

I carry the weight of the world, lying upon my shoulders

All for you, my friend


And this time you will not see the fire burn upon the trees

Where children amongst creatures sleep into the night before you fall

Awake, awake, awake!!!