The Chronograph


Go on through the other way

See your life another way

Above the clouds we will throw away

And beneath the seas we will hide away


Breathe in breathe out what a simple trait

Take my hand we can walk away

Far out into space we’ll trade

Our reckless lives for another day



Don’t cast the first stone

I’m all alone with no one

Help me to see what I’ve done

Oh please


My hands touch the sky

I will not cry out to you

Turning the hands back on

Time again


Unmasked dreams with dim lit eyes

Set the clocks on overdrive

An overture of ticks combined

Awaiting alarms so alive


Stolen wealth or a loss for names

The space dyed black and who’s to blame?

Lights turn on and you were made

But you fell into my hand




Books on the shelves, read to my will

A reckoning of oneself, suspends a kill

How…did you do this to me?

Hold on…I just want to (speak)