Take Me Back to Nowhere


Take me back to nowhere I've lost my direction this time

I want to see the future with your face inside of mine

You may believe that I'm losing my mind

By the thoughts you drove in me like knives

Really I've just been saved by your voice

And the words you read were mine

Hold on don't fade

Lost my heart where dreams are made

(Who are you please stay)

I want to show you around the world I've made

You say I've lost my mind I swear I'm sane

A sense of possibly living out a melody

Sing with me

Together we will be

If you don't run away

Run away

Run away


Through all the times we had

And all we shared

Lost I'm time I could not find

I can't believe my head could hurt this bad

A letter waits she was not late

I can't believe she left without the key to the door

Where I locked myself inside

Where you and I are fine