Suspending a Memory


Wandering farther away

Lost in thought

Still I fight to stay away

I cannot come down from this high


I saw a miracle, happen there before me

Brought me to question what is real

I saw the young girl’s reflection

Sitting by window glass mirrors


Liquid shadows, covering all that is good

Sensations are merging crossing and turning

In and out every which way


Desires remain for the one she once loved

But doesn’t know what she can say


Trapped in a room with six walls around

Water so cold fills to drown

She looks into her memory while breathing her last

Sight of each other, a picture of the past



See those shining rays

I answered when you prayed

You had hope for me

Lost in thought, soon we’ll both be


Chasing love into the night

Horizons out of sight

Insulate your mind


Life displayed through a mirror

The moonlight disappears

All you have is her




So look around yeah

Hold up your hand

Take grasp before you fall

I won’t let you down


I can see the hurt within your eyes

Like life burnt to the ground

I need you by my side

For the rest of my life


His face grows thin

His hair grows grey

His body so brittle and weak


With time

She’ll grow in mind

Like the wisdom within her soul


Look up to the sky

Shadows fall. Raindrops cry

Clouds break free and show light from above

Buried from afar


Set away, like a glistening star

Inverted dimensions drift apart

He takes her breath with a piercing glance

Once a memory, the picture lives at last