Living the Lie


Reality sinks into your heart and gives you a test of mind

Shifting hands rest in the sky, a miracle blinds

Endless years are passing by, and it threatens me

Decisions on an overload, oh no…


Close your eyes, it’s time you learn what I know

A weekly crime committed on my own

Insufficient answers, teasing me

Leads me to believe though blind now I see

Two stand proud

Erotic dreams help narrow down

Memories come back into play,

Suspending out another day

Lock the door, turn your head around

And with time, you’ll find…



You can see it all here

Grotesque and combined

Living the lie

If you walk in too soon

Wash the liquid from your eyes

You’ll swear you not there


Erotic nightmares play

Signals cross their ways

Awaiting unique motives

To shape

Step on weathered streets

Internal balance sleeps

Without a hand to hold you







And this time I will fall

Unmasked truth will tell all

Whispered words, what did you say?

Static impulse is pure

Without thoughts our minds won’t cure

But I’ve made up my lie…