The Past The End of What's to Come Photoshoot



People learn from the past; they learn from history both on a personal and global scale, and much like the human experience, Kentucky-based rock group The Past draws from their own lives as well as the rich musical history of rock to create their music.

The Past was formed in 2007 by Michael Tyree, Drew Charron, and JT Butcher. Inspired by progressive rock greats like Dream Theater, Opeth, and Tool, the trio wanted to create a band in the same vein, but with a new, personal and approachable take on the genre. The Past’s work is characterized by long instrumental sections, challenging time signatures, and epic chord progressions, but the group remains accessible by adding in catchy choruses and impressive guitar solos.

Their first two albums Transcending Consciousness and Murals were both released in 2014. Although Murals was recorded in various locations, The Past decided to go full do-it-yourself in 2015. The band set up their own permanent recording studio and began organizing for their third full length album The End of What’s to Come, which will be released September 1st, 2017.

The End of What’s to Come is a story of despair, and it’s clear in this album that the members of The Past have matured both as players and as human beings since their earlier albums. The album is energetic, full of struggle and emotion, and reeks of honesty. It’s about choosing paths in life and fighting a constant battle, in terms of love, addiction, money, and other struggles. The End of What’s to Come is about facing your past, present, future, and ultimate demise.



Michael Tyree // Vocals, Guitars

Michael Tyree

 J.T. Butcher // Bass, Acoustic Guitars

JT Butcher

Drew Charron // Drums, Percussion, Backup Vocals, Keyboards

Drew Charron