“...Kentucky trio The Past was formed in 2007 around the talents of singer-guitarist Michael Tyree, bassist JT Butcher, and drummer Drew Charron. It wouldn’t be until 2014 however when the band released not one but two debut records, 'Transcending Consciousness' and 'Murals.'" "With a live show that incorporates audio samples, psychedelic visuals on a projection screen, and dazzling musicianship, The Past has been growing their fan base at a steady pace with each performance. The Past is aptly named for their strong influence from the prog rock giants of previous eras such as Genesis, Porcupine Tree, and Pink Floyd. While the genre is known for it’s strong focus on adept musicianship, the trio finds a happy balance between displays of virtuosity and accessible song writing. This middle ground allows the group to spark interest in casual music listeners and those of more discriminating tastes alike...”

Donte Montgomery - The Haystack




Michael Tyree / Vocals, Guitars

 J.T. Butcher / Bass, Acoustic Guitars

Drew Charron / Drums, Percussion, Backup Vocals, Keyboards